Graylog Enterprise license

Hi, is Graylog Enterprise always free under 5GB / day? If so, why license is set to expire in 1 year? Thanks.

I would assume to keep the customer contact/engagement. Small price to pay for a free Enterprise license.

How do I tell my GB/day? Thank you, Zach.

@dickinsonzach @kartone that’s right. As one of the newer members at Graylog, I lack the context around why we expire the license after 1 year, but if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that a 5GB license isn’t intended to be used in perpetuity and is a checkpoint between us and folks who might be potential paying customers.

From my past experience at other software vendors, if you’re building out a solution that makes use of enterprise features and start going above a certain threshold (if the vendor is offering some level of features for free), you (the user/customer) have to make a business decision around whether or not those features + support are worth paying for, or if you have enough in-house expertise to get around any enterprise feature you’ve come to rely on.

To your inquiry @dickinsonzach, you can find your volume in “System --> Overview”.

Thank you. I see the daily graph now. Z

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