How I can monitor Graylog nodes and cluster in grafana?

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I would like to monitor all Graylog nodes and its health and also monitor Cluster (3 nodes) in Grafana… Is there a way or any guide to follow and configure monitoring of infrastructure ? Any suggestion without installing any additional tools ?

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  • OS Information: Linux

  • Package Version: 4.3.3


I have done this past couple months.

Enable Prometheus in Graylog Config file shown here.
Once that done install Grafana I used this here
I logged into Grafana and enable the Prometheus Plugin.

Just create a dashboard after that, should be good.

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Thanks @gsmith … does that metrics also has something related to disk space of the node or services status ?

There is a nice Grafana dashboard for Graylog metrics (built by @aaronsachs) which is linked in the discussion here.


Thanks guys for quick response and help.

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