Graylog's graph on Grafana


Hello everyone.

Let me show my context:

Graylog 2.5:

Elasticsearch 5.6.14:

MongoDB 4.0:

All is good, I can create imput and dashboard.

But I whant to do dashboard on grafana.

Grafana 5.4.2:

My grafana server already works with influxdb (for icinga2)

So now, I want to connect it on Elasticsearch to add Graylog’s graph.

And I have this error:

How can I fix that?

Thank you

(Tess) #2

First thing I can think of: Graylog’s index names are not static, right? They get rotated frequently, so your connection would break anyway. “Graylog_0” will be phased out in a few days/weeks, and Graylog will continue with “graylog_1”.


I don’t know, I just do that:

[root@elasticsearch elasticsearch]# curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v'
health status index     uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   graylog_0 9BFGyliASZGiGGKkA9NFBA   4   0    1611223            0      1.2gb          1.2gb

Thank you.

(Jesse Hills) #4

Depending on what you’re trying to get displayed on your Grafana dashboard, you may find that the prometheus metrics plugin is suitable for your needs.

Install the prometheus plugin onto your Graylog server, setup prometheus somewhere (on the same host as Grafana perhaps?) and then add prometheus as a data source in Grafana.

(Jan Doberstein) #5

Graylog name the timestamp not @timestamp but timestamp and watch out what @Totally_Not_A_Robot already wrote. Depending on your configuration Graylog will rotate the indices so you need to configure that pattern…



Thank you “timestamp” works.

And we can add a " * ", so graylog_* looks good… I will try that.


Ok, that works, but it’s not exploitable ^^

Thank you everyone for you high availability and reactivity.

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