(Help! Urgent) Graylog + Grafana

My server has Graylog, Monodb and Elasticsearch installed. I installed Grafana, but I did not install indexdb and telegraf. What path should I follow? Help! Urgent


Hi there,

It’s not really clear what’s urgent here, or what you need help with. What are you wanting to accomplish?

Hi aaronsachs,
I want to use Graylog and Grafana in an integrated way. Should I download Grafana, InfluxDb and Telegraf at first. Or is only Grafana enough?

Hi there. I guess I’m still confused about what you’re trying accomplish.

^ doesn’t really tell me much. Again, what are you concretely trying to accomplish? I’m making the assumption that you’re wanting to gather Graylog metrics and graph them. Is that an accurate assumption? If it is, you have to have some way of collecting the metric data–it’s not possible to use Graylog as a Grafana data source, so you’re going to have to get that data somehow, likely through the use of one of the metric reporter plugins. Which one you use, though, is up to you and should be chosen according to whatever monitoring infrastructure you already have in place.

I save the logs I send from my program with Graylog.
They asked me to use Grafana with Graylog and use that data with graphs in Grafana. Is that revealing?

You can use Elasticsearch which is under Graylog as Grafana datasource.
You need only Grafana to do this. Just go in Grafana to Configuration->Data Sources and pick up Elasticsearch. You will have to choose Elasticsearch url and index name which you want to query. Assuming that network to Elasticsearch is open you will be able to show logs in Grafana Dashboard as raw data table as well as view them aggregated with Grafana visualizations.

I installed Grafana. I did not install influxdb and telegraph. I’m trying to pair Grafana with Elasticsearch. Then I get an error “Elasticsearch error: undefined”. Screenshots are below.

Make sure that url you provided is valid and accessible from the server on which you installed Grafana

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