Grafana and graylog 3


It is possible to show on grafana all the data from Graylog 3 ?

And how to do it ?

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Yes, it’s possible. Just use telegraf influxdb to solve it.

how to do this , as I install grafana in another computer , and graylog in the other PC ,

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try to find out and come up here to ask the problem

I upload this dashboard graylog json to grafana

but he said no data found in influxdb

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Install Telegarf, InfluxDB
Try setup it manually and you’ll notice the problem

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I finish to install telegraph and influx DB but I don’t know how to configure telegraf/graylog.conf ?

how to know the username and password as a token ?

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Reading docs and create one.

Then you must copy x and paste for username token

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And how about password token ?

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password default: tokens

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just to be clear: you need telegraf and api tokens to collect graylog metrics (like those available after clicking metrics by the node name on nodes list) in influxdb and display them in grafana, you don’t need those if you want to display data collected by graylog (logs) in elasticsearch, then you just connect grafana to ES data source and that’s it, then you can visualize data on the graphs like you do in graylog dashboards or kibana


Maybe a better question is what are you trying to show on Grafana ?

If you are trying to show the log data, and not the server statistics (which is what Telegraf + InfluxDB would be used for) - then you literally just add the Graylog server as an input like @maniel said. Grafana supports elasticsearch right out of the box.

In fact, that’s exactly how I distribute my reports to the higher-ups. To go a step further, I added an organization in Grafana that allows anonymous RO access and I share a ‘last 30 days’ dashboard in Kiosk mode - with a cron job that sends an HTML-formatted fancy email. Most people think I’ve spent >$100K on an analytics platform. :slight_smile:

Just add something like &refresh=5s&from=now-30d&to=now&theme=light&kiosk=tv onto your grafana url to:

  • Refresh the dashboard every 5 seconds
  • Show last 30 days (this way the numbers move around live)
  • Kiosk Mode (TV)

Maybe I should do another blog post on this one.

You can check the grafana docs for more.


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Thank you for the response , I wan to show the Map , the statistic during two hours all the log from fortinet , I would Like to create a stuff like fotianalyzer by using graylog and grafana .

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From your screenshots it looks like you’ve got the input working AFAIK. If it saves and tests OK now you’re on to the grafana forums to figure out what you need on that tool. :slight_smile:

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the problem is that I don’t receive any log after I connect to elasticsearch.



Grafana and Graylog are in different Host , what should I do ? to show the log from elasticsearch to Grafana

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InfluxDB and Telegraf, where is it ??

If you want Elasticsearch source, please check port 9000 or 9200 ??

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It is installed on server , that graylog is installed


Please describe to me, please be clear, I still don’t understand what data you want to post on grafana

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Then telegraf and graylog is , in the same host

But the grafana is in another host

thank you