Telegraf (Graylog 3.0.2) - Grafana issue


I am currently using graylog 3.0.1 along with configuring telegraf to grafana.
Telegraf, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch Graylog, … are the same host A and Grafana as another host B. My error with the input.graylog is: Error in plugin: Response from url “http: // ip-host-A: 9000 / api / system / metrics / multiple” has status code 400 (Bad Request), expected 200 (OK ).

I checked my problem in the community, github, google, … and the problem many others have overcome in Graylog 2 is the user token / password and I’m sure I look like the picture photo below:

My config file in …/telegraf.d/graylog.conf:

Any ideas to fix it. Thank you !!!

did you use as username the token or the word admin ?

I create username token is admin for my Graylog account admin

you actually need to place the token and not the name of the token in the telegraf configuration.

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