Grafana Dashboard for GL 4.1

I have used the steps in the documentation here to export GL 4.1 metrics to Prometheus. The metrics are therefore available in Prometheus :

I am able to create graphs in Grafana using these metrics :

This is all good and sound, but when I try to use the turnkey Grafana dashboards (this one for example), they do not seem to work (no data is displayed) :

From the troubleshooting I did, it seems the GL metric names used in these dashboards are different to the ones pulled by Prometheus. For example, the dashboards use org_graylog2_journal_append_1_sec_rate while the metric pulled is gl_journal_append_1_sec_rate.

Does anyone have a working Grafana dashboard working with GL 4.1 ?

So that dashboard you linked from Grafana is suuuuuuuuper old and not one maintained by us. The dashboard relies on an outdated prometheus metrics collector plugin, whereas the prometheus endpoint implemented in 4.1 uses different metric names/prefixes.

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FWIW this is the start of a dashboard that I’ve created for my own lab:


Thanks you, that dashboard looks awesome :heart_eyes:

Would you mind sharing it in JSON format ?

Let me tweak it a bit more–there are still some old queries in it and I’m not quite happy with how things are displayed. I should have something more readily usable soon

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@H2Cyber so I’m getting closer (though there’s going to have to be some future work on some of the metrics). I’m curious about what you’d think would be most useful to see? What I have now is an “at a glance” row at the top, followed by more detailed graphs and metrics.

I have multiple inputs, various extractors for each input, multiple streams, and pipelines attached to each stream. It would be nice to have graphs that help identify bottleneck(s) in these.


We recently upgraded to GL 4.1 and I’d be super interested with the dashboard also !

One other thing, I can’t find any jvm related metrics here : graylog2-server/prometheus-exporter.yml at master · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub

Am I missing something ?

Cheers !

Count me in for Grafana dashboard info!


I would really like to try it out also :slight_smile:

With the Open Insights offering, I wonder if the dashboard will ever be made available or if it will be restricted to OI customers…

Since the Openinsights is a paid service, I don’t think that the dashboard will be made public. However, this is where I’ve gotten so far until there are further improvements made to the existing metrics. Graylog metrics


Looks good, thanks !
I wish I knew how to add a graph or two to show the most time consuming extractors.