Grafana + Graylog VIA API

Hi guys in my first post i dindt explain my problem properly, im trying to export some data from Graylog to GRAFANA. Its a very simple query:

I need the number of logs for each person in a table (aggregation,2 columns, format: data table, count() as metric, and name as filter), and then export this table to see it GRAFAN via api.

Since legacy is disabled, I cant find a way to get via api this info.

WHAT I NEED is to know which URL or what query insert in Grafana via Infinity plugin to get that info from Graylog dashboards.

I have been testing and fining a way out too much time.
Maybe somebody can help me, thanks.


I just check out Infinity plugin and it didn’t work as well as I thought.

Graylog is capable of enable Prometheus in the configuration file then connect it through the Prometheus plugin on Grafana.

You can find out HowTo here.

If you need information on your Graylog Dashboards you can find the API’s in System/Nodes this will help grab your data as needed.

I believe this link will help understand what you need for API/URL needed.

Hope that helps

Ty for you help gsmith I solved it another way! But help is always welcome!

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Out of curiosity, how did you solve this?

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