Graylog metrics for Grafana

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I’m trying to graph information in a Grafana Dashboard and I’m presented with many metrics to choose from, some are gl_buffer_process_time, gl_buffer_incoming_messages_total, etc… All gl_something

is there a guide or documentation as to what all of these are and what data they provide? I’ve looked everywhere on the GL site and cannot find anything relating to these metrics.

I have them coming into Grafana via Prometheus.


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May be a good starting point would be the Grafana dashboard for Graylog metrics (built by @aaronsachs) which is linked in a previous discussion here.

So I checked out the his page, found his dashboard to be quite good. Still I am not seeing what the metrics all mean. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m looking at. Can’t fit all of the list in one capture. I can’t understand why these are not all documented on Graylog’s site

@ gshill3098 : perhaps it is best to submit a Feature Request in Github with regards to lacking metrics documentation.

@H2Cyber : I’m sorry I don’t understand. Why would I need to submit something to Github? Doesn’t Graylog to company make this product? I will try that, but that makes no sense to me.

So let me come at this from a different route. Say I want to graph out the rating for log ingestion. What gl_* metric(s) would I use?



Good question, I personally have not found documentation for each individual metrics definition.

As for log ingestion, are you referring to one of these?

org.graylog2.plugin.streams.Stream.<stream_id>.incomingMessages.1-sec-rate ( Graylog stream  Incoming messages total)
org.graylog2.throughput.input ( this shows the value from the INPUT)
org.graylog2.throughput.output ( this shows the value from the OUTPUT)

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