Understanding / Document Link for System Metrics in detail

where can I get document for understanding system metrics like: org.graylog2.throughput.input.1-sec-rate
which we get using system/metrics API of graylog

I am trying to understand how its been caculated and what is possible threshold for these metrics
Please share some link where I can understand all these metrics

There is currently no documentation for the individual metrics Graylog is emitting.

Thanks for your Quick Reply Jochen,
if there is no document , than can you please help me to identify Top 5 or 10 metrics used for Performance Monitoring on Graylog which is very crucial, with some brief that what it calculates or give as output, so that I can monitor those and come up with some threshold limits .

Thanks in advance

you might want to look into: https://www.graylog.org/blog/86-back-to-basics-monitoring-graylog

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