Metrics can not be scraped


I am running into issue were I can not access prometheus metrics. When accessing https://my_server_hostname/api/plugins/org.graylog.plugins.metrics.prometheus/metrics I get:
{"error":"no handler found for uri [/api/plugins/org.graylog.plugins.metrics.prometheus/metrics] and method [GET]"}

Maybe you have any tips what could be causing this issue?

Hi @lukojy
maybe you only use wrong URL? From gryalog 4.1 there is Prometheus metric, but in different port and URL:

You probably tried to access standard metrics, which is in different format.


Appreciate the idea!

But unfortunately current version is: 4.0.5+d95b909, codename Noir

So I’m understanding that you installed the Prometheus metrics reporter from the metrics reporter plugin repo, correct? Did you install the latest release? If so, I’d honestly recommend getting up to 4.1 with the built-in prometheus endpoint. The reporter plugin has some idiosyncrasies that make graphing some of the data difficult, unless you build off of one of the branches that another community member has contributed. The new endpoint, while there’s still some work to be done, does things in a far more repeatable and reliable way when it comes to graphing the metrics.

If that’s not an option, can you elaborate as to how you installed the metrics reporter plugin?

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