About graylog metric

I need to display the state of the graylog server cluster and show where the leader is among its hosts but I haven’t found the necessary metrics.

(I use grafana and prometheus)

Hey @KhouloudNasri

you can enable prometheus in Graylog’s config file as shown here.


Hi @gsmith,
That’s exactly what I did, but I didn’t get any metrics that give the state of the cluster and host if it’s master or not, I’m trying to find out if those metrics really exist.

Hey @KhouloudNasri

Can you show your configuration? You should be able to use port 9833 or 9090 in your browser.


I try to use this : prometheus_exporter_mapping_file_path_core = /etc/graylog/server/prometheus-exporter-mapping-core.yml to show more metrics but the metrics I want aren’t displayed yet.

Hey @KhouloudNasri

In my notes I installed prometheus.

Using this documentation here

Locate this file prometheus.yml

  scrape_interval:     15s
  evaluation_interval: 15s

  # - "first.rules"
  # - "second.rules"

  - job_name: prometheus
      - targets: ['localhost:9090']

Then I just configured two lines

prometheus_exporter_enabled = true


prometheus_exporter_bind_address =  localhost:9090

I was able to reash Prometheus dashboard


Hope that helps

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