Monitoring Graylog

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Dear All,

I was wanting to monitor Graylog servers. I plan to use the the graylog metrics plugin reporting to elasticsearch as shown here

I was going to use this to send the metrics to a separate linux server with elasticsearch and grafana installed on it.

Does anyone here have any experience of setting this up / pitfalls I should be aware of?



(Jan Doberstein) #2

the main problem is - elasticsearch is not a metric storage.

I can understand from one point that you do not want to add another piece of software to your stack - but it is like going on the race track with a jeep. Yes it is working but the fun starts in a racing car …

(Jake Smith) #3

HI Jan,

I have settled on a Prometheus and Grafana setup for monitoring Graylog. I am using the prometheus Graylog plugin. It seems to work well and we have some nice dashboards in Grafana.

I was looking at using this prometheus exporter to monitor elasticsearch - see

What are your thoughts?

Do you know if anyone else is using this?



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