Graylog with multiple interfaces


I am using Graylog to use it as a syslog server for my network elements which is private network and I use a bastion host to access these from the public network. So my graylog has a connection to bastion host and connection to internal network. I wanted to use graylog to use the IP of the interface which is connected to bastion host as the Web url IP. But it appears like graylog is using other interface IP for Web url which I confirmed by executing curl -k http://localhost:9000

Is there anyway to configure the IP address which is used for management somewhere or is it going to be autoselected if I have multiple interfaces on the graylog. Kindly help

Graylog has two parts, one API and the application running in your Browser.

In Graylog you can configure only a single API backend for the browser, if you need to have different configurations for different ip ranges/hostnames, you need to have a proxy like nginx that can handle this and rewrite the http headers to contain the right configuration.

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