Graylog Web UI Blank using public IP


I’ve successfully installed graylog server in one of Linux VM manually using the documentation provided by graylog offical page.I can access the graylog web UI(chrome) from another windows VM using the private(internal) IP in the same network.

When I try access to graylog web UI using the Public IP outside the network and I’m getting a blank page but the browser tab name gets loaded as “Graylog Web Interface” (can connect using telnet as well to port 9000).

We’ve mentioned the following configuration in the server.config,

http_bind_address =
http_external_uri = (Public IP)
I tried the following setting as well as many other combinations,
http_bind_address = (Public IP)
Nothing seems to be working.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.


what is the source of the page?

That would reveal possible configuration problems.

Hi Jan,

Could you explain bit more about the configuration to look at ? (first time setting graylog server)

go to the blank page you see in your browser and use the ability to show the “source of the webpage” which will show you HTML … what we see in that might reveal some issues.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot along with the post.

The Js files are pointed to the private IP instead of the public IP. We have not configured the private IP in the server.config file.

The server.config web configuration uses only the public IP.


do you want to connect via both IPs or only via one IP and if only via one, which one?

I wanted to connect using public IP outside the network(can’t use the private IP). I don’t mind connecting using private/public IP when I connect to graylog web GUI inside the network.


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