Web interfaces on public ip (I thought it was simple..)

Hello everyone: D

As the title suggests, I thought it was simple …
I am trying to publish on my public ip access to the web interfaces in order to view the log on the beach.
The local ip of the serever machine is, I opened port 9000 on my router and pointed it to the local IP of the server but I can’t log in anyway. I notice that the local IP is called when I am on the laptop, away from home. I read some posts from someone who had a similar problem but his solution had fields that I don’t have in the configuration file.
The machines that send the logs are part of the same local network as the server, so I would need (for now) to publish only the web interfaces.
Could anyone give me a hand?
Perhaps also explaining why it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:


it highly depends on your Graylog Version - for 3.0 you need to set the http_external_uri - ( http://docs.graylog.org/en/3.0/pages/configuration/web_interface.html#how-does-the-web-interface-connect-to-the-graylog-server ).

The easiest way (for me) to have Graylog listening on multiple addresses (IP on the homenetwork, DNS Name on the road) is to run it with a proxy like nginx that is able to ingest the used host name and redirect the interface to the right place.

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