Logs from Layer 2 Network/ Graylog with two Network cards

Hello, everybody,
I installed a single virtual machine with Debian 9.5. There I installed and configured Graylog according to the instructions from the website. So far everything works fine.

Now I have the problem that I have a Layer 2 network from which I need to get logfiles to the Graylog server. The easiest way would be to give the Graylog server a second network card (via vSphere I can integrate it into the Layer 2 network).
Is it possible that the server has two network cards and both listen for syslog requests without destroying the webinterface ?
Thanks for your help!

The Graylog config file is where you would set what IP the web interface (and API) listens on. We use Graylog on Ubuntu 16, and the config file is located at /etc/graylog/server/server.conf. I would imagine your config file would be in the same spot. You could configure your web interface and API to listen on your existing IP address (or even using a wildcard to listen on all interfaces), and then it shouldn’t matter what network interfaces you have.

Thank you that was the perfect solution!

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