Graylog 3.0 on two networks

Hello everyone,
I have configured on my server two interfaces eth0 and eth1, I want to configure graylog 3.0 to accept connection in both, is it possible?

Yup, just bind the inputs to which will bind them to all IP addresses.

Sorry, I expressed myself wrong, I’m referring to the website.
When I put an entry /etc/graylog/server/server.conf http_bind_address = I can not access the webpage on any of the networks.
Is this possible?

You should read:

The docs explains the behaviour that is taken by default. Have the Interface available on two interfaces is possible with one of the following:

  • have a DNS Entry that returns the matching network addres.
  • have a proxy that listens on all devices and set the X-Graylog-server header according to network the request is comming from.

I create this entry in my correct dns, how should I leave the entry in server.conf for the two networks,

If you had read the documentation you might have come to the same conclusion. This should work

http_bind_address =
http_external_uri = http://your-configured-dns-entry

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