Graylog Datanode TLS/SSL Provision Certificate for Grafana Opensearch Connection

1. Describe your incident:
When using the opensearch docker container previously grafana was able to access the opensearch database using basic credentials. Currently there is no access due to my inability to find a way to provision certificates to the datanode database.

2. Describe your environment:
I’m using Docker and the “official” Graylog Docker Compose file.

3. How can the community help?
Does anyone know of a way to connect grafana with the new datanode as it’s form of security has changed to use certificates.

Main question:
Is there a way to provision a cert to the datanode for third party or self hosted applications?

Currently no, but it is on the near term roadmap.

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Thank you @Joel_Duffield!

Looking forward to this.

In the meantime, is there a way to export the CA used by graylog so I can authenticate with it?

Grafana has the option to authenticate with a CA Cert, and because of the certificate generation and renewal process, I assume that’s what graylog is using to securely connect to graylog datanode instances.

In the meantime, I will look around on my own to see if I can find a way to export and authenticate with this info.

I dont think so, at least i havent heard of anyone doing it successfully. Good news is that 6 is only a month away

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