Expose graylog web interface publicly (over ngrok or serveo)

I really don’t understand the use of http_bind_adress, http_publish_uri and http_external_uri.
It seems that whatever if it is not at the default setting localhost:9000 it isn’t working so I apologise if the answer is among those 3 fields.

Anyway I am trying to share my graylog publicly using ngrok or serveo but for some reason the people opening my link see the title Graylog Web Interface but nothing loads for them. It seems like Graylog is looking into their own localhost:9000.

Usually I don’t have a problem with exposing a port on my localhost to other people and they can open it without problems.

Is there anything I can do.

Sorry but I must reference: Questions and You: A guide to getting an answer

without any details nobody would be able to help you to write the correct configuration for your setup. The settings are described in the docs: http://docs.graylog.org/en/3.0/pages/configuration/server.conf.html#web-rest-api

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