Graylog web interface not reachable

Hello team!

I have a probleme reaching my Graylog web interface, here is my Graylog configuration:

http_bind_address =
http_publish_uri = http://172.X.X.X:9000/
http_external_uri = http://172.X.X.X:9000/

So i understand that:

http_publish_uri is where each Graylog connects to itself and in a cluster all other nodes connect to this.
http_external_uri is where your browser can reach Graylog.

The thing is, when i put the IP adress in http_external_uri and type the IP adress in my browser it works, i can reach the graylog interface.
BUT when i put in the http_external_uri and type in my browser it doesn’t work.

My goal here would be to be able to reach graylog web interface with My understanding is that it should work by changing the http_external_uri. So can it be a probleme in my graylog configuration or is it sure that the probleme comes from outside of graylog configuration?


the question is, does resolve to 172.X.X.X or something different?

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