Enable disable graylog plugins

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Can we enable or disable graylog plugins? For example, I have slack plugin installed on graylog server that accepts streams alerts and notifies us. What if I don’t want to send streams alerts notifications to slack for the particular period of time. Do we have anything to schedule this.

Do we have any APIs to do this, Please let me know.

Graylog version - 2.4.6
Elasticsearch Version - 5.6

Thanks in Advance

Plugins are enabled if they are in the Plugin folder and available on Graylog start - if you want to disable a plugin, move that out of the plugin folder and restart Graylog.

@jan Thanks for reply.

Just want to know - Always moving plugins from /plugin directory to other and vice versa. Doing this will affect anything on server level ?

Always moving plugins from /plugin directory to other and vice versa. Doing this will affect anything on server level ?

That highly depends on the plugins - but it should not harm your system.

Ok thanks @jan I will definately try this.

After moving plugin from Plugin folder to any other folder and restarted graylog but I still getting the alert on slack @jan
Also I visited /usr/share/graylog-server/plugin to verify slack plugin is available or not but slack plugin was not there.

Why I am still getting the alert @jan

He @Tafsir_Alam

I do not know - Did you checked if the plugin is really removed (check the UI in System / Configuration ) and check the log messages from/after the start-up of Graylog. All used plugins are displayed in the log on start.

Yes @jan Plugin is completely removed.

Do I need to kill the Plugin before restarting graylog server ?

@jan But one question I removed plugin Approx 7 PM PST but alerts come till 8:30 PM PST then it stop coming.

Its working fine but why after 8:30 PM PST why not after 7PM PST ?

That is a question I’m not able to answer.

@jan Can I need to do the same for all Gl Nodes.
In my Environment We have one Interface node and 7 Gl data nodes. I have only moved the plugin from web-interface node not from gl data nodes.

Do I need to do the same for all nodes ?

Thanks in Advance.

I was going to ask if you are running a cluster, which would explain why it continued.
As far as I know data nodes don’t run Graylog server and hence no plugins are run on data nodes.
However if you have more than one server in a cluster configuration then you need to do the same for every server.

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