Change default search range time in all dashboards

Hi all,

I have searched and checked a few other topic, with no result for me.
If I do already have a dashboard, when I save this with a new time range, it will not save this in the dashboard. So every dashboard created, it uses a default time range of a few minutes I believe.
Also in the Configuration tab within System/Overview, I cant find the default time range.
Any idea?

Also done an upgrade in our environment from: 4.0.8-1 to 4.0.14-1 , with same points.
Running on RedHat 7.9


Hello & & Welcome

How are you configuring the new time range on your dashboard? Maybe this might shed some light on what’s going wrong. If you could share with greater details on what your executing this would help us, help you troubleshoot your issue.

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