Time range for dashboards

So, this thread on github https://github.com/graylog-labs/graylog2-web-interface/issues/650 says that dashboard time controls are coming with v3.0. Yet, the manual seems to miss this. So, how, for an existing dashboard, can I change the displayed time interval?

Coming from ELK, I really find it counter-intuitive having to create a dashboard for every single time interval I want to visualize. Am I doing something wrong?

All I want is what Kibana had since the beginning of time:

that feature did not made it into 3.0 as we shift away from the kind of dashboards over the next versions.

The focus is on the extended search and the visual options that comes with that and something that is designed for monitor walls.

So currently that is not possible, the next versions will have something for that.

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