Building Graylog 3 from source

(Jake Smith) #1

Dear All,

Have the fpm recipes at been updated to allow building of Graylog 3 Alpha builds?

Is this still the official way to build Graylog?

Kind Regards


(Jan Doberstein) #2

He @Magneton

yes it is - but we provide alpha builds available for download already …

(Jake Smith) #3

Hi Jan,

I just found this post at Graylog 3.0 Alpha Fail Compiled

If you want to compile yourself, can you also do it using the following



(Jake Smith) #4


If I want to use the precompiled version, what are the version requirements for elasticsearch and mongodb?



(Jan Doberstein) #5

You can always switch the version in the documentation. What then reveals:

ES 5
MongoDB 3.6

As of the current development state.

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