Announcing Graylog v2.3.0-rc.1

(Taylor) #1

We’re happy to announce that Graylog v2.3.0-rc.1 is ready for download! Full details below.

(Volker Kerkhoff) #2

I am currently testing this on a small setup (300 messages/min) to see if i can finally consolidate the separate ES 2.x installation I have for Graylog2 into one single ES 5.x cluster.

Looks good after almost a day, so thanks for all the work involved and I’ll keep you posted.

Now the next big step would be to get rid of MongoDB. I would, from the safe distance of the mere user, propose to store Graylog2 configuration in a special ES index, like Kibana does, but, well, I have no idea as to how difficult that might be…

(Jochen) #3

The problem with this is that Graylog should (must) still work if Elasticsearch is down.

(Volker Kerkhoff) #4

That makes sense. MongoDB also just sits there not doing much and not using many resources, so I guess the problem is more academical than practical for most servers nowadays. However, if someone is running Graylog2 in production, his Elasticsearch should be a cluster of more than just one node and be quite available (but then again it would be logical for him to run a MongoDB Replica set…)