Using GELF with Powershell


I have recently installed Graylog 5.0 using Docker-Compose.
I am able to send logs to it and see them appear but the data isn’t parsed, from what i have understood, when using GELF it should automtaically parse the data without the need for an extractor?

Can someone offer any support on how to send data using Powershell please?

I have been trying PSGelf on Powershell Gallery but with no luck.

When sending this example snippet as a test, it appears in Graylog but not extracted.

 Send-PSGelfUDP -GelfServer "172.xx.xx.xx" `
             -Port 1515 `
             -ShortMessage "Short Message" `
             -FullMessage "Full Message" `
             -HostName "dc01" `
             -DateTime $(Get-Date) `
             -Level 5 `
             -Line 255 `
             -File "C:\logs" `
             -AdditionalField @{UniqueID = 1337}

Is that PS module not compatible with Graylog 5 maybe?
Or are there better ways to send via Powershell?


My bad, turns out the input i was sending to was a Syslog input, updated to GELF and everything worked as expected :slight_smile:

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