Cannot send docker container logs to graylog 3.3 with "gelf" driver

I am a beginner in Graylog and I choose it to monitor docker container logs using gelf logging driver. To do that I created a gelf UDP input in Graylog web interface and I mentioned gelf as a log driver inside my docker-compose file. After starting the gelf udp input any log messege is sent from the container to Graylog input, so can you explain to me how can I fix this issue. Below my setup environment :

OS : debian 10
Docker version : 20.10.3
Graylog compose file : Docker — Graylog 3.3.8 documentation
My container compose file :

       driver: "gelf"
            gelf-address: "udp://graylog:12201"
            tag: myContainer


NB: My container is running behind nginx reverse proxy.


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