Inputs for Docker container logs

Hi Team,

I am running graylog on docker container on Azure VM. On the same VM we are running multiple different containers for different services where we want to send the logs to graylog. I have configure the docker logging in daemon.json as below and open necessary ports for Azure VM

  "log-driver": "gelf",
  "log-opts": {
    "gelf-address": "udp://<IP>:12201"

Then ran below container
$docker container run -d -p 8080:8080 --name my-app Image

In the graylog console I tried to configure the system inputs with GELF UDP, hostIP, 12201 port but it is failing to read the container logs.
Can you please advise on how to configure the inputs for the container logs to be monitored? Also, do we need to create multiple inputs for multiple containers?

I am using the version:2 docker-compose file as below


you should bind the GELF input to any device as first item.

Paint a diagram of networks from where you want to send messages to what service and take care that this is working from IP level.

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