Log file location or how to get the logging working in a container

Hi guys, I have completed the setup of Graylog on the docker container and it works fine but was not able to figure out why the logs are not getting logged.

checked all the locations below but no luck

my configuration file is mentioned below


can anyone help me out on this?

Use tcpdump to check the packages.
Does the docker server got the packages?
Does it forward to the container?
Does the container ansver for it?

Have you configured inputs in graylog?

      # Graylog web interface and REST API
      - 9000:9000
      - 443:9000
      # Syslog TCP
      - 1514:1514
      # Syslog UDP
      - 1514:1514/udp
      # GELF TCP
      - 12201:12201
      # GELF UDP
      - 12201:12201/udp

Did you also start this inputs on Graylog? This will ONLY opens the bridge that you are able to receive the messages. Now you need to open the gates by creating the input in Graylog.

@macko003 @jan,

sorry for the confusion,

I think my explanation of what I need was looking for is a little confusing.
I got the logs working, my input is working well, I was able to receive the logs and all my functions are working as expected.

But the problem I was trying to explain is I need the docker system logs and Graylog service logs, which I can’t seem to find inside the container, can you please let me know how or where can I find these logs?

I hope my explanation is good enough now

those logs are send to the docker default way - what is std. out.

docker-logs will show them to you on the docker host.

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