Graylog in Ranhcer Server

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Hi All,

I am new to Graylog and Rancher server.

I have gone through
for collecting all logs from docker to graylog.
I am using Rancher server(Cattle) for managing docker containers.

  1. I have deployed graylog container on a host in port 9000.
    2)I created a GELF-UDP input in graylog server listening on port 5000

  2. Next I created a container in Rancher server with log driver gelf and log options as shown in below image.

However after creating container, I am not seeing any logs to graylog.

Am I missing anything. Kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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Please post all relevant configuration information.

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Hi @jochen,

This is the input I created in graylog.

I am new to graylog and hence can you clarify whether do you want logs or any result from command execution?

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Yes, I want all of them.

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How do I get them.
Commands please.

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I don’t know how you’ve set up Graylog in the first place and I’m not familiar with Rancher, so you’ll have to find these things yourself.

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Sure. Let me check.
I setup graylog as a container.
I pulled graylog docker image and deployed in rancher
I am accessing graylog on port 9000.
I will dig and try to find logs.

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There is a big deprecation notice:

Deprecation notice

This image is deprecated, use graylog/graylog instead.

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Hi Jochen,

I overlooked the deprecation notice. I was following a tutorial and thought the old versions will still work. :slight_smile:

I installed the new image from and got it working without any issues.
Thank you for your assistance.


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