Monitoring Docker Containers with Graylog Monitoring

Hello today I use docker-compose for a number of services.
I would like to collect the container log with graylog, but it is not working.

I already have graylog running according to the following documentation:

On the server where the containers are, I create the following file:
I came /etc/docker/daemon.json
“log-driver”: “gelf”,
“log-opts”: {
“gelf-address”: “udp: //x.x.x.x: 514”

Common servers when changing rsyslog I get the log in graylog normally, for the container this does not happen.

In system / inputs I have created a Geft UDP to provide, but not solve.

What would be the correct configuration?

The Docker GELF logging driver is using the GELF logging message format.

Using port 514/udp indicates that you’re using a Syslog UDP input in Graylog, which won’t work.

Either you’ll have to switch to the Docker Syslog logging driver or you’ll have to start a GELF UDP input in Graylog.


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