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After following a tutorial to have graylog in a machine I finally managed to connect to it and enter.

One of the first thing I tried was the getting started. Once there I picked the 1st option ‘Send in first log messages’.

Here, there is the following text:

Your own applications

A very common use case is to write logs directly from your applications and services into Graylog. We have developed the Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF) to help you with exactly that. GELF is a structured log format supported by almost a hundred libraries out there. Want to send GELF directly from Java, Ruby, PHP, node.js, Erlang or anything else? No problem.

You can learn more about GELF and why it is a great choice here.

The last word is bold, because it is a clickable link that links you to … nowhere - a 404.
Here is the URL it links to:

Hope it helps ( and please fix the docs :stuck_out_tongue: )!

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Thanks for bringing that up!

You can find the GELF specification in the official Graylog documentation at

I’ve also created an internal issue, so that the redirect will be fixed.

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