AsyncGELF is an easy way to send logs from your python application to Graylog by Sergey Malinkin

New Article from a Top Graylog Open Community Member!

Thanks to Sergey Malinkin @MalinkinSA for his article contribution.

Wow Pretty kool :+1:

I have questions for @MalinkinSA

1.Is it able to use TCP/TLS?
2.Did this setup change Graylog Default port from 9000 to 8000? If so what other configuration do I need to make?


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@gsmith thanks!

  1. If it is about an application from an example - yes, it can work with tls. If the question is about the supported types of GELF - yes to, AsyncGELF library support all kind of Graylog GELF inputs: tcp (plain or with tls), udp, http{s}
  2. Maybe i must do something changes in the article, but the 8000 port it is nor a Graylog port, it’s an application port in the example of which i show how to send data from your python application to Graylog. For example, in an article, all you must do on Graylog side - is launch GELF TCP input and add json extractor to it.
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Awesome, thanks for the reply :+1: