Upgrading Graylog using Ansible Playbook

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Im using the official role . We have 1 server, using the AWS Elasticsearch service for the backend. I went into my role and changed ‘graylog_version: ‘2.3’’ to ‘graylog_version: ‘2.4’’. The playbook then runs without issue, but when it comes up, its still running “Graylog 2.3.2+3df951e”

Is there no way to get the role to perform an upgrade? If not, does anyone have a way to migrate my current configurations? I have inputs, streams, alarms, notifications and 1 pipeline. Its more than I would want to re-create my hand. I imagine all of this information is in mongodb, but I am not familiar with it and would be rather afraid to start poking around.

edit: Made this work by doing a mongodump, and monogrestore on a new instance with the same IP. Then had to change the index on my inputs and everything just started working.

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you should always check the upgrade documentation.

Then the Browser need a “full page reload” to have all new sources.

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