Is this how you upgrade Graylog to 3.2?

I found the following commands to update Graylog to 3.2 (from 3.1) but when I do, it breaks my Search. I have Graylog, Elasticsearch and MongoDB on a CentOS box:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh

$ sudo yum clean all

$ sudo yum install graylog-server

Everything updates like it should but search just says ‘loading…’ at the top. I have tried 3 times and the same thing happens.


Sequence seems correct.
Not clear where do you see “loading…”.
If it’s about browser - try to clean cache

Have you checked this doc?
It contains some other important steps for the upgrade.

I guess that you have not updated the plugins in your environment - check them too if they need to be upgraded.

I tried deleting cache and also tried different browsers. It says loading when I go to the main “search” page at the top next to streams. I’ve heard others say there are a lot of issues with 3.2 and it should have never been released so soon. Is this true?

Are these settings in /etc/graylog/server/server.conf? I don’t see the ones they suggest changing below:


Check the browser developer tools output on the client and graylog log on the server side

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