【graylog 3.3】 After upgrading to 3.3.2, there is no display in web page search

Upgrading from 3.0, there is no problem before the upgrade, there is no obvious error in the server.log after the upgrade, the web page always shows loading, els and mongo versions are no problem when searching the log, the in and out in the upper right corner are displayed normally,

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So you are able to log in. You see the search box, the toolbar across the top, the navigation options along the left, and the metrics in the top right. But, you don’t see any search results in the all messages stream? (the default view)

Screenshots may help!

You mention there are no obvious errors – are there any errors in the server log file?

Yes, you can log in normally and view the page. The log error is about the timeout of writing messages. This error has been there before. A test environment has been rebuilt and can be accessed normally, so is there some problem with the compatibility of the upgrade?

Which process did you follow to upgrade? How did you deploy Graylog? OVA, docker, etc

Upgrade according to the official website documentation, Upgrading Graylog Originally Installed from Package, graylog is deployed on a stand-alone server and installed with yum

he @alliance

having the UI not display any messages is usually a sign that something is not working with your elasticsearch in a proper way - as you ingest messages in high volumen your elasticsearch might be overwhelmed and not able to answer messages OR your index range is confused what can be fixed when you go to System > Indices > INDEX_NAME > maintenance > recalculate index range

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