Graylog Updating Search Results

(Alex) #1

Graylog is getting stuck when i want to see messages from inputs. It worked fine untill one moment when the “Update Search Results” pop-up showed up and stayed there forever.
The dashboards are updating fine

I’m running:
MongoDB version 3.05
Graylog version 2.2.3
Elasticsearch version 2.3.1

(Jochen) #2

Check the logs of your Graylog and Elasticsearch node(s).

(Alex) #3

i think the problem started from here
2018-06-05T20:50:23.891+03:00 WARN [SearchResource] Unable to execute search: all shards failed
but i can’t figure anything from those logs. Elasticsearch seems fine, it looks like it receives all the messages but i can’t display those messages from the web interface. It gets stuck with the updating search results while my dashboards are updating using the messages received

(Jochen) #4

Unfortunately, we can’t either if you don’t share the logs.

(Alex) #5

how can i send you all those logs because i can’t post more the 32000 characters ? Do you want a link to a file containing all those logs ?

(Jochen) #6

You can use a pastebin service such as or and share the link.

(Alex) #7

(Jochen) #8

MongoDB is regularly not reachable and Elasticsearch has some problems with the indices.

Check the logs of MongoDB and Elasticsearch for details.

(Alex) #9

MongoDB logs:
Elasticsearch logs:

They seem fine, as i said before messages are coming to Elasticsearch only that Graylog can’t upload search results. Do you know if anyone had this problem before ?

(Alex) #10

And one more detail. This started to happen right after I had many messages in graylog and I could not see results starting with page 50 or something like that.
I’m running the Graylog,Elasticsearch and MongoDb inside a Ubuntu 16.04.3 VMware machine.
Is there a storage configuration that I need to make ? I didn’t find anything about that anywhere

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