Unable to perform search query after upgrade [SOLVED]


I recently upgraded Graylog to 2.5.1+34194da from 2.4.x.
After upgrading, opening the web interface gives me an error: " Could not execute search"

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m guessing it’s related to this error from the logs:

2018-12-28T09:20:22.007-05:00 ERROR [Messages] Caught exception during bulk indexing: io.searchbox.client.config.exception.CouldNotConnectException: Could not connect to, retrying (attempt #8).

Any ideas why this might be the case?

Long story short, the problem was not the version upgrade, but a rebuild I did using cloudformation. I had the wrong instance type and elasticsearch was unable to start with the amount of RAM allocated to it’s Java heap.
Once I got the instance size increased, everything worked itself out.


The graylog can’t connect tó elasticsearch.
Check rhe elasticsearch service on your server.

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