Updating Linux (Debian11)

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Linux and Graylog and have a pretty basic question I think.

I know I need to update my Graylog which is outdated but first things first.

My linux serveur tells me I need to install updates. I agree, but last time I tried installing updates (on a linux with nagios) I broke everything.

My server was installed with the GUI by an intern, I recently took a couple Linux classes and so now I’m getting ready to take care of all of this properly.

  1. I seem to have libre office and mozilla etc on my server, that seems wrong and unnecessary on a server, any reason I need those with graylog or can I remove that stuff?

  2. The server proposes to download and update Linux. If I do this will I break Graylog? I see a mongodb update (4. something to a later version of 4. something) so I’m a bit worried. Or can I just go to updates and download them restart and be up and running again?


I can not judge from that information. Which Linux are you using? In which version? And which 4.something Mongodb are you using? The more precise your question is, the more precise answers you can get.

From my experiense: you will not need mozilla or libreoffice on your linux-server to run Graylog.

ok, thanks, I’m sorry it’s just a process to go look again once I close everything up, but I am currently on mongo 4.4.17 (I need to get to 5 eventually I know but one thing at a time) and the OS update says mongo would be updated to 4.4.22

I also see now that gray log would also be updated ( to 4.3.15-1)

I did put that I was on Debian 11 in the title. Says update from linux 5.1.0-43 to 5.10.179-1

If I can just do these updates in the GUI that seems so much easier than what I was reading, maybe I just have to do a few updates and restarts to get Graylog up to date this way instead of trying to do it by command line tutorials?

In the past I had tried to update with yum on a centOS but I admit I had no idea what I was doing (was also set up by an intern who had more Linux experience than I do) and was going off a tutorial but I completely killed my application and I actually just scrapped that whole VM and started something different with another intern, but I need to stop relying on interns now that these tools aren’t just for tests but something I want to really use and maintain normally.


Hey @KC76

This may help,

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