Install graylog in debian 12

Hello I’m trying to install graylog in debian 12 but in the search for repos i only find to debian 11 and i have some warnings and errors with signatures of mongodb for example.

There’s an option to have a fresh install in an debian 12 or is better to use one server with debian 11 instead ?

because is a new machine i was thinking to use the last distro of debian but i’m concern that is not so easy like i supposed .

hope you can advice the better solution.
or if anyone have installed graylog in debian 12 what are the process.


My understanding is that Debian 12 was just released this month. It may take some time for software to support it. I’ve heard reports of people upgrading from Debian 11 to 12 without any issue and graylog works fine.

If you can get the prerequisites installed (MongoDB, OpenSearch), you should be ok, but your milage may vary. MongoDB don’t appear to list Debian 12 either, and they are slow to adopt newer versions (i believe it was ~6 mos before they supported Ubuntu 22).

Hope that helps!

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