Debian 10 Buster Installation

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I installed the latest stable graylog 3 on Debian 10 recently, there are a few issues with mongoDB and related dependancies. I had to add an Ubuntu keyserver source to get it to work. Have got graylog 3 running with mongoDB v4/elastic search 6. Other than that the installation went fine.
Do you think the Debian instructions could be updated as Debian 10 is expected to become stable in the next month or so.
Not at my computer just now but I can post the steps here. I think it’s something to do with mongoDB changing their licence, or Debian 10 using v4 instead of V3.

Has anyone had a similar issue, this problem doesn’t exist on Debian 9.7/9.8 only when I upgraded to 10 I found these issues.

Couple of other things could be updated in the instructions, mainly cosmetic. When it says apt-get install, just simply apt install is fine now, and when it says systemctl restart XYZ.service. the dot service is no longer needed. It’s just systemctl restart XYZ.


Please read

"This guide describes the fastest way to install Graylog on Debian Linux 9 (Stretch). "

If you provide detailed steps on your install from source with reference to the above link stages then perhaps people here can help.

Not sure Debian 10 is supported.



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