Last version of graylog under debian 10

Hi there, I had a graylog server up to date working properly under Debian 9. I upgraded to debian 10 and I can’t access anymore to the web interface.
I have:
apache2 (ssl mode activated)
java 11.0.6
graylog 3.1.4-1
elacticsearch 6.8.6
mongodb 4.0.16

I checked the configuration files : they are OK.
I checked the services: they are all up.
I wonder if my version of java is compatible with graylog?

Any help would be appreciated.

Have a good day. François

Hey @fanch,

we did not yet thoroughly test graylog with java 11. Could you please have a look into your graylog server.log for errors?

That would be a good first step.

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