Unable to mirror graylog

We run a segmented and isolated network where graylog lives. Our repo mirror server is unable to mirror graylog… Apt-mirror on packages.graylog2.org fails - This is still a problem 3 years later.

I don’t understand the necessity to implement an overly complicated mechanism to allow downloads of the graylog software from s3 for open-source packages. There seems to be a new fascination with projects to implement some sort of broken mirror set up to use some fancy ACL feature of S3 that allows a one-time-use key for packages and files that should be available publicly since it’s open source.

Using the mechanisms graylog has implemented, time-stamping is broken preventing HEADs from working properly. This is likely increasing your bandwidth bill and doing the project, AWS, graylog’s community and customers a disservice. Redirecting individual files to S3 from your fake APT repository into s3 breaks almost every mirroring mechanism in existence and requires organizations to punch multiple holes through HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

We considered buying your support, but we wont be now. This is beyond obnoxious.

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