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I am thinking of starting using graylog, but for that to be possible i need to upload logs ingested in graylog to AWS S3. By quick googling i didn’t find way to do it, i found way to ingest from S3 but not how to upload it. Can you confirm that there is a way to upload logs from graylog to AWS S3?

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The official answer would likely be archiving with an S3 backend via Enterprise. Aside from that you may need to implement your own solution.


The backend for Graylog is Elasticsearch. I would think that if you stoodup Elasticsearch in AWS and pointed Graylog to it, it would work. I’ve never done it, but Graylog doesn’t really care where your elasticsearch is as long as it’s reachable and performant.

Archiving to a S3 node is possible too, but I feel like that’s not what you meant.

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