Buffer in front of graylog

Currently I have on AWS two graylog nodes listening gelf tcp and reading s3 bucket for ingestion.
Now I want to move them to a spare server on premise which will read from s3 without issues, but I need to manage the eventual conectivity issues.

I need to setup a buffering proxy/queue on a small aws ec2 instance which in turn forwards the messages to graylog.
The idea is that it should be able to forward messages to graylog only it is reachable and store/buffer them whenever it is not reachable (because an eventual conectivity downtime)

Any advice on this?
Thank you in advance


What we did is create a small instance of graylog server and forward message from one environment to another environment using Graylog’s Outputs.

Hope that helps


sorry for the late reply:
It’s so simple that is brilliant. I was overcomplicating myself.


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