Graylog Outputs with HTTP_Proxy


We have a Server A where Graylog is installed with a Stream X
And Another Server B where Graylog is installed with a Stream Y

Data is coming into X via a Beats inputs (http://ServerA:5044). A GELF HTTP input (http://ServerB:12201) is running on B.

Server A has Internet connectivity via an http_proxy (http://proxyserver:80).
There are environment variables defined at the Shell level on A
export http_proxy=http://proxyserver:80

We wrote a sample nodejs script which pushes a test message to http://ServerB:12201 and executed it on Server A. We can see the data on the Server B.
This confirms that the GELF endpoint is reachable via the Proxy Server and the ports are open.

Now, we have configured GELF OUTPUT for Stream X and push data to Server B at http://ServerB:12201
We then configured the below parameter in Server.conf and restarted Graylog

http_proxy_uri = http://proxyserver:80

But now, we see errors in the logs like

“unable to connect to ServerB”

Below is the configuration for the output:

Gelf ID: 5a473a67644uj814953f4d19
Type: org.graylog2.outputs.GelfOutput
connect_timeout: 1000
hostname: ServerB
max_inflight_sends: 512
port: 12201
protocol: TCP
queue_size: 512
reconnect_delay: 500
tcp_keep_alive: false
tcp_no_delay: false
tls_trust_cert_chain: <empty>
tls_verification_enabled: false

Please suggest what should we try to solve this.

Graylog: 2.3.1
OS: Ubuntu 16.04


could you please open one issue:

thank you

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