Unable to Add or Delete Enterprise License - Error 400

Hi All,

I have received a new enterprise license key, however my Graylog install won’t let me add the new license or delete the old one.
It shows “Valid License” when pasting the license text, but immediately pops up with a Cannot POST https://serverurl:9000/api/plugins/org.graylog.plugins.licenses/verify (400)

I have followed the instructions in:
and I’ve reinstalled the plugins using “sudo apt install graylog-enterprise-plugins” and restarted the server.

I’m still receiving the same error message.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Happy to provide any logs etc required.

!! This may be off track / a different issue !! but I seem to recall seeing more errors since trying to configure HTTPS rather than HTTP. Not sure whether this would be linked, but I now don’t get information such as “In XXX / Out XXX msg/s” (always shows as 0/0) and on “nodes” page I don’t get any infomation:

Navigating to the node itself yields:

Any help appreciated,


I really guess that you have a glitch in your configuration.

The Graylog in your Browser tries to connect to the configured Graylog (http_external_uri) but the Graylog server itself tries to communicate to itself (http_publish_uri) so I guess that something is wrong with that.

Or you have a self signed certificate and did not add that to the jvm keystore for Graylog so Graylog can’t verify the certificate it uses.

I believe we are using a self signed cert - in the back of my mind i thought this could be the case.

Unfortunately, this was done last year, and I don’t remember where i got up to… Guess I’ll have to revisit the documentation and see if i can work it out. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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