License Install

My free licencse expires in 2 days, and its refusing to delete the old license or install a new one.

you might want to be a little more verbose.

  • what Graylog version?
  • what have you tried exactly?
  • what is the error?
  • what is in the logs?

I am running version 2.5.1. I navigated to the system/licenses page where I tried to import a new license, error: “cannot post

what version of the enterprise plugins do you have installed? I guess that it is not the same version

Sorry, how do I check the plugin version?

you can go over to System > Nodes > NodeName you can see the list of installed plugins. As other option you can check your plugin folder or you check your Graylog server.log after system startup.

Thanks upgrading the enterprise plugins has resolved my issue…

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