No "Import License" button


we purchased a new License, but I can´t import it, because there is no button for it like in the docs (

Is there another way to import it?

On the bottom is a message:  License plugin is not installed
The plugin file does not exist in /usr/share/graylog-server/plugin.
Where can I download it?

what plugins did you have in your Graylog plugin folder? What Graylog Version did you use? How did you install Graylog and the Plugins?

Following plugins are in the folder:


What version of Graylog are you running?

You will need to install the specific plugin versions for version of Graylog that you are running.

I have Version 2.4.6 installed.

AFAIK you need to install the Enterprise Plugins to get the import license button.

Is this not the Enterprise-Plugin?: graylog-plugin-enterprise-integration-2.4.6.jar

If you’re running on an Ubuntu system, running apt install graylog-enterprise-plugins should give you what you need.

I´m running CentOS. Is there a repo, that I can import?

It’s in the documentation that I linked. Read the docs.

please check the documentation:

(hint: you can switch the version of the docs to the Graylog version you are using in the buttom left)

Thank you very much. The Repo was already installed. I removed it and added it again, now the Package was available. After installtaion and restart of Graylog the license managament is availabe.

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